Taxipsychy's Cast

Bailey (she/her)

Would probably be described as pretty average. 19, sophomore, and undecided in major at the university. Currently the symbiotic partner to a possessed floating bobcat skull and is looking for a way to save her friend. 

First appearance: Chapter 01 Page 01

"Bobby" (it/they/he)

One part mysteriously delivered from Bailey's friend, other part stolen from the Science Center. Has the ability to share its spectral powers with Bailey in the form of a kick-ass outfit and spectral weapons. Supposedly sent to recruit some help to free Bailey's friend.

First Appearance: Chapter 01 Page 08


Dana (she/her)

Also has a floating skull. When Bailey's bobcat skull became possessed, some energy ended up in a deer skull Dana had with her. Also a sophomore and really likes anime. She isn't quite sure what she has gotten involved with.

First Appearance: Chapter 02 Page 03

Deer Skull (it/they)

Aboslutely is just a floating deer skull.

First Appearance: Chapter 02 Page 03

LeighLeigh (she/her) 

Bailey's roommate.

First Apperance: Chapter 01 Page 03

AudreyAudrey (she/her

Leigh's (the roomate's) friend.

First Apperance: Chapter 07 Page 01